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Mar 20, 2008

we lie for the sack of trying to get rid of some unwanted problems,
lie trying to prevent some unwanted wounds,
but lies = problems,
lies = wounds,
when u lie, u hv already stab someone....
i'm learning to stop,
have u???

The lil lady was here at 10:40 PM

Mar 19, 2008

wow.... u won!!!!
treat it as me being stubborn,
treat it as me being unfair,
treat it as me being unreasonable,
treat it as me being crazy,
treat it as all my fault.......
i dunno how to continue tis anymore...
if the same problem is coming back again and again,
treat it as me being a loser...
i juz wanna run away from all tat....

there is once a myth about a three year curse,
i've got a prediction saying tat no matter what, it wont happen to me...

but maybe now it is happenin...................................................................

The lil lady was here at 5:14 PM

Mar 15, 2008

just finish watching 17th and 18th episodes of seventh day,
feeling kinda emo cz what they are feeling are the same like what i once had...
as the gurl said, she never thought the pain of losing someone is worse than the physical pain...
looking at the guy also reflected on me....
living a life of inhumane, how pathetic!!!!

am not trying to be emo juz tat sometimes when the memories of the bad things that once happened to u flashes through ur head, the pain and the sorrow comes back together.... all these crappy stuff are really a taboo to me.... something that i am reluctant to touch, to feel, to hv any relation with them....

i am most delighted to say that i am living a very wonderful and blissful life now, and with deepest wish tat i will not have to taste back all those bad feelings once again....juz a simple wish to be understood....

please go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lil lady was here at 1:28 AM

Mar 11, 2008

a free day~~~ no class on tis WEDINESSYDAY~!~!~!~!
am visualizing a lovely branch at mega hotel for the super duper lovely egg-tart

den off to a torturing facial

maybe sooth out the pain with a hairwash if time allow

how wonderful juz by imagining them~~~~~~~~~~~~~

hmmm~!!!!! crozz finger for tomolo!!!!

The lil lady was here at 11:29 PM

Mar 10, 2008

if u get a compliment, how would u treat it???

as a guide?? or take it really serious???

when ppl are enjoying too much from those compliments,

things build up... good and bad stuff...

the good part is of course it boost up the confident,

but the bad part is being over confident and potraying as arrogant...

yes, of course everyone love to be praised but i've seen the impact of the excessive...

that's y i would take precaution on each and every compliment.....

there is no harm in analysing a compliment whether is a sincere one or juz a random beautified one before taking it in....

yea i may be stingy in giving out compliment but tat is because when everyone is building a dream for u, i wish to let u see the real world...

the world is never as pretty as written in all the fairytales....

yea tis may result in a misintepretation of looking less on u,
but i juz want the best!! maybe i'm harsh in my words sometimes but it comes from a good heart!

IS living a life lie makes a better person or livin being a true person???

The lil lady was here at 11:07 PM

Mar 7, 2008

Gonna be a wording post tis time cz from the last time i posted those few photos, i forgot to turn off my pinkie and has not been charging it since then...
juz to avoid being nag by all my darlings,
gonna drop something special here....
right now i'm in my worn melty make-up(after dance performance)
being a lazy bump here..
really extreme things happened juz now...
dunno is sad or funny or wut...
a waiter is trying to serve us red wine...
he 1st serve it to my fren--stephy who den claimed that she doesnt want it..
in a short moment comes a
*****WATER SPLASH******
he spilled all the red wine on this other hand..
soak most of stephy's hair and dress and some on my arm and dress too...
well!!! i don have much feeling tat time...
all i kno is tat stephy is really sad and angry..
so i juz focus cleaning her up but forgot but myself!!!
hahahaha... well i guess it wasnt really the waiter's fault cz he didnt do it intentionally...
anyway, it's still a bad thing tat he is too stunned to show his apology.....
nice sharing?? hahaha...
gonna try to drag my heavy feets to the WC to wipe off my"mask"

The lil lady was here at 11:02 PM

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