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Jan 8, 2009

haunted by my insomnia again...
ever since i'm back from europe...
this prob strike me again...
i guess for quite a long time...
i don hv such problem anymore..
but i dunoo..
whether is jus because of the jet-lagg..
or juz my brain start thinking again..

i fail to sleep easily again...

there was once when i had this prob all the time..
it strikes me hard and bad everynight...
i remember... every single night...
i would go through my phonebook..
see who can i call...
as usual... there is not many.. or sud i say very little...
and i would juz call to a non answering phone...
listening to the ringing tone as if it's singing me a lullaby...
and put me to sleepp...

once again... i'm going through the list again..
hahaha... only this time... it seems like not a single one of them from the very little...
is eligible anymore...
not even the non answering phone...
i'm all alone in the night...
writing to my dearly bloggie....
good nite~~

The lil lady was here at 1:21 AM

Jan 6, 2009


The lil lady was here at 12:47 AM

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