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Mar 15, 2009

tears dropped...

when everythings stop,

i miss you!!!

The lil lady was here at 11:27 PM

Mar 13, 2009

you know wut?
having ur mood swing by others isnt fun at all....
a minute u r hell hyper as if u hv all the candies suroundin u,
the next sec u r pulled down into the fire torturing hell....

do u think tat is fun?
no is not...
yes, everyone is selfish...
all they think of is their feelings at tat moment,
how they r hurted?betrayed?
but do they ever realised tat at tat moment they r releasing,
ppl felt the same way too....

yes, i'm hell one of those selfish bitch who only think bout herself...
but, sometimes i did tried to make things goes easier...
make everyone feel better...
but it seems like i've done nothing....
the effort is like none...

pls bare tat i am only a human too....
i'm not god who can just make things perfect in a blink of eye..
sometimes wut things happened, it's not controlled by me...
i cant decide the timing of wutever thing tat is coming...

so, blame me tat i'm in curse....
for always having everything in a wrong timing....
i don hell deal with my emotions well...
not when it's coming slow and wut more to say it's swinging hard?
just pls, don swing me like a doll...
it hurts, just as bad...

when u don see, don hear, don feel it,
it doesnt mean it isnt there...
is juz tat u've chose to believe wut u want to believe...
jus like wut everyone would do...

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The lil lady was here at 6:34 PM

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