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Oct 29, 2008

my christmas plan is set.....
thrill and emo both at the same time...

thrill cz am going to EUROPE~!!!
emo cz i'll miss my celebration with ppl i love..!!~
(not tat i don love my mom... but still...)

24 Dec
(by Airfrance, flight KL810, depart 2325 hrs)

25 Dec
Amsterdam & zaanse Schans
(Arriving 0530 hrs)

26 Dec

27 Dec

28 Dec

29 Dec

30 Dec

31 Dec
(depart to KL by flight KL809, 2045hrs)

1 Jan
(Arriving at 1525hrs)

The lil lady was here at 7:06 PM

Oct 22, 2008

Was surfing the net looking for songs,
randomly found this...
just love it....dunno why...

This goes out to someone that was
Once the most important person in my life
I didn’t realize it at the time
I can’t forgive myself for the way I treated you so
I don’t really expect you to either
It’s just...
I don’t even know…
You’re the one that I like, the one that I need
The one that I gotta have just to succeed
I’m sorry about the pain I made you feel
That wasn’t me;
I looked for the sun, but it’s raining today
I remember when I first looked into your eyes
I wore a disguise 'cause I didn’t want to get hurt
But I didn’t know I made everything worse
You told me we were crazy in love
But you didn’t care when push came to shove
If you loved me as much as you said you did
Then you wouldn’t have hurt me like I ain’t shit
Now you pushed me away like you never even knew me
I just wish everything could have turned out differently
I had a special feeling about you
I thought maybe you did too
You would understand, but…
No matter what, you’ll always be in my heart...

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Oct 20, 2008

When i'm driving back home from campus today,
the player played this song...
yesterday by leona lewis...
my heart chilled for a sec when it started,
cz tat's the ringtone when my bestie is calling....

and when the first phrase starts,
i wish to shout out loud that:"hunniebunnie, i really miss you..."

here goes the lyrics of the song...

I just cant believe your gone
still waitin for mornin to come
when i see if the sun will rise,
in the way that your by my side
well we got so much in store
tell me what is it im reaching for
when were through building memories
ill hold yesterday in my heart
in my heart

they can take tomorrow
and the plans we made
they can take the music
that we never play
all the broken dreams
take everything
just take it away,
but they can never have yesterday
they can take the future
that we'll never kno
wthey can take the places
that we said we will go
all the broken dreams
take everything
just take it away,
but they can never have yesterday

you always choose to stay
I should be thankful for everyday
heaven knows what the future holds,
or least where the story goes
I never believed untill now
I know ill see you again im sure
no its not selfish to ask for more
one more night, one more day
one more smile on your face
but they cant take yesterday

I thought our days would last forever
but it wasnt our destiny
cause in my mind we had so much time,
but i was so wrong
no i can believe that
I can still find the strenghin the moments we made
I'm lookin back on yesterday

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Oct 19, 2008

pass by lulu's blog...
saw her post about love...
totally agree...
so i would like to post it again...
is Not to forget but to forgive,
Not to see but to understand,
Not to hear but to listen,
Not to let go but to Hold on.
Find a guy,
Who calls you Beautiful instead of hot.
Who calls you back when you hang up on him.
Who stays awake just to watch you sleep.
The guy,
Who kisses your forehead.
Who wants to show you off to the world,
even when you are in your sweats.
Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Who is constantly reminding you of
HowMuch He Cares about you and
How Lucky He is to Have You.
The One who turns to his friends and says,
'...That's Her.' =)

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Oct 14, 2008

look at my poor blackie.... left eyes blind~!!!

stupid old man.... so obvious his right eye cannot see clearly anymore...

shouldnt be on the road driving... ear also deaf... hon so loud still totally didnt hear...

bang dy den stilll tot he hit a hole and continue driving..

stupid him~~ hon him madly cannot hear...

overtake him and stop him he look at me and continue driving...


follow to his house he said he tot is a hole...den the whole story repeat again and again~~

stupid old lady still tryin to be defensive....u kno nothing and being a third party pls juz keep quiet...

u shouldnt have let ur husband drive and bang and still trying to protect him...

why bang from behind too??? cz that uncle didnt stop....

follow him turn here and there and when out from another junction got bang by another car..

ARGH~~!!! anger boiling up my blood~!!!!!

The lil lady was here at 4:09 PM

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